My friend Nils Guldberg draws Stuck in Reverse, drew Nibcrom Lives (RIP!), and also drew this guest comic because he is such a swell guy. Seemingly a bridge between NTO Books 3 & 4, I’m excited to see where this goes (no, I don’t know either; he didn’t tell me!).

Full rationale for my absence can be found with last week's update. I've enjoyed the time off! We took a two day micro-vacation with the baby and the painting project continues. I've really appreciated all your support of my dereliction of duty, too!

To keep you from getting overly restless waiting for Diamonds to hit the ground I'll be resuming Wayward next week (unless something insane happens, obviously); I'll run the conclusion to Nils' short after that: a nice dessert after your [interrupted] meal.