Or: If I May Beg Your Indulgence

I've been running pretty late on my updates for the past few months, but this week got totally away from me. Visiting relatives and feeling gross eroded my work time, and what was left got largely devoted to a freelance job with a shortish turnaround to pay some bills.

Excerpting a page that -- spoilers! -- really doesn't go much further than this, if we're being honest, is a bit of a gyp. As of right now, though, I'm looking at about 4 hours' work left on the page and about 20 minutes to do it in -- nevermind the fact that I still need to focus the freelance gig -- so this is all I got. Pretend I'm Aaron Diaz or Tracy Butler this week. You'll have to squint.

All apologies, all the best, and an extra thanks for the extraordinary forbearance of Patrons and donors.