Friend of the comic Sef Joosten underscores the shared motif 'twixt Next Town Over and the comic he draws, Reign in Hell.

Time really slid through my fingers this week: when my husband came home from Maryland and his uncle's funeral he brought some kind of miserable malady with him, and he spent most of the week shivering under a comforter in the 90 degree heat. Worse: the baby decided to have whatever dad was having and paid the doc a visit. I eventually got sick, too, though not nearly as badly as the other two. My sister is also up here visiting from the Deep South, and, adding insult to injury, one of the cats pissed on my page 11 pencils: setback and squalor! Amidst it all I just didn't find the time or energy to squeeze in a completed page.

A huge thanks to Mr. Joosten for doing this guest comic on incredibly short notice, and thanks to all of you for your patience & understanding.