My friend Nils Guldberg draws Stuck in Reverse, drew Nibcrom Lives (RIP!), and also drew this guest comic because he is such a swell guy. Seemingly a bridge between NTO Books 3 & 4, I'm excited to see where this goes (no, I don't know either; he didn't tell me!).

I realize this is an awkward place for a break (with Diamonds apparently shot, fatally, and only three pages left of Wayward!), but it gets worse: I'm actually taking two weeks off.

The original plan was to take next week off (my husband's on vacation -- we're painting part of the house); Book 5 would have concluded today if I hadn't missed two pages earlier in the year. Nils drew this filler short to run then, post-Wayward, for a much less aggravating break, but I'll be straight with you: I was a piss-poor manager of time this week. After getting the little guy to bed most evenings I elected to veg out playing bibeogabes before turning in myself instead of doing what I should. So when once again page 22 didn't really begin to materialize yesterday I decided to just start running Nils' filler.

... if I sound like I'm trying too hard to justify the break it's because I really do feel tremendously guilty (running a guest page by Iron Man Guldberg, who drew Nibcrom for eight years without missing one update, doesn't help!). If it's any consolation, take heart that I am in this for the long haul, and all your patience and understanding throughout this year's hiccups while I deal with the crap du jour only help ensure that.