... and so wraps Robyn Seale's short, another early taste of the Poor Wayfaring Strangers anthology I’m cooking up with my comics friends. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I've certainly enjoyed the break -- if by "enjoyed" you mean wrung my hands and stayed up late trying to use the opportunity to catch up on other things, including my own PWS contribution and preparing for the next chapter of NTO. A huge thanks to Robyn for the great diversion.

A huge thanks, also, to everyone who’s kicked in on the Patreon, especially during the long downtime. You’re a big help to the continuation of NTO and also the PWS side project, which I’m 99% sure 99% of you will be very much into.

Black and Hunter are back next week. If you’ve missed them in the meantime, why not express your longing (and possibly win fabulous prizes) with an Art Contest submission? There's less than a week left!