I didn’t plan on Next Town Over becoming another Hell’s Corners, by which I mean I didn’t intend to slowly seep it out into the web-ethers, but in that regard it’s looking like that’s what’s gonna happen. In other regards, though, this is most definitely not another Hell’s Corners. It’s entirely written, so no floundering around trying to meander from idea A to notion B as in HC, and, well, I like it a lot better so I fully expect to nail update consistency.  For now, it’s updating weekly (Saturdays), with the intent to go to twice weekly down the line if I find it whatsoever doable. The plausibility of this is helped out some by the availability of my sister, Cate Mehlos, to handle my color flats occasionally. I’m also gonna launch some kind of advertising campaign when I get a bit of an archive under my belt, so in another sense, I don’t expect this to go quite like Hell’s Corners.

Please leave a comment if you’ve stumbled in and let me know what you think and how you found the comic.

Exciting times.