As you may have read, Next Town Over is on a semi-hiatus; my imminent first kid, along with a need to work on the upcoming NTO TPB and regroup for #5, eroded my buffer to nothing. I didn't want to leave the place sit idle during this indeterminate span, though, so I asked you what you wanted to see in the interim, and you overwhelmingly voted for a less visually complex short story.

This is what you get: Genevieve, a revisitation of something I once started (and spectacularly failed to finish) as a 24 hour comic. The 24 Hour Comic format doesn't exactly lend itself to huge amounts of conceptualization and plotting, though, so hopefully this intermission doesn't thoroughly disappoint.

This is a much longer "short" than Snake; if I get Next Town Over in a state fit to resume before I'm done posting Genevieve rest assured I'll still finish it up and not leave you hanging. I'll either post it Wednesdays, opposite NTO, or include it as some kind of bonus somewhere, so fear not on that account. I abandoned this one once and it bothered me enough to revisit it, apparently; I'm not going to do it again.